Wes Rockholz

Wes Rockholz

Game Designer & Developer


High Warlord

team lead | project management | game design | client-side development | marketing

December 2015 - Forever

The social, mobile RPG you've been waiting for. Form a party of brave Adventurers and tackle the deepest, darkest dungeons of the world in cross-platform, play-whenever tactical combat.

The biggest, most overwhelmingly ambitious project I've ever undertaken. I prototyped this game throughout the end of my junior year at RIT, and received a grant from MAGIC Spell Studios at RIT to fund full-time work on it over the summer of 2015. Successfully funded on Kickstarter, featured at GDC 2016, and launched on iOS and Android in May 2016.

High Warlord

team lead | project management | game design | client-side development | marketing

August 2016 - September 2016

A never-ending maze of lasers fires to the beat of the music. A streaming infinirunner that keeps you moving to the beat of the song.

Lazer Maze was an experimental side project that we launched on iOS and Android to learn some system-specific features like Game Center and Google Play. It took about 2 months, and is super addictive. Check it out!

Analytical Game Designer

game design | game balance | prototyping

May 2014 - August 2014

Play the music. Spin the globe. Join HearPlay, and listen and share your favorite music. Create a Home and fill it with your playlists, then explore music all over the world. Share music and use in game Items to boost your points, increase the capacity of your homes, or place music in other playlists. Grow your Home as you play, and become the go-to DJ in your city!

I worked on HearPlay as a game designer, concepting, brainstorming, and prototyping new game features and maintaining game balance. I worked closely with the production, development, and marketing teams to build the game beyond the alpha phase. Hearplay is still in production in closed-beta.


Game Developer

game design & development for clients

October 2016 - Now

My current full-time position is working as a game developer at Workinman Interactive.

We are a full-service game studio that builds cross-platform web and mobile games for clients like Disney, Nickelodeon, and Fischer Price. We build our applications in HAXE, HTML-5, Objective C, SpriteKit, ActionScript, C++, and Unity.

High Warlord

founder | project management | game design | client-side development

August 2014 - Now

I founded Yes And Games with fellow developer and my close friend Nick Rabb, with the dream of creating incredible games that wouldn't be possible without improvisational techniques and unrestricted imagination. Since the summer of 2014, we have had immense success under the umbrella of MAGIC at RIT.

Analytical Game Designer

game design | game balance | prototyping

May 2014 - August 2014

I worked at Music Social, LLC over the summer of 2014 as an Analytical Game Designer.

The position had two major responsibilities. First and foremost, I worked on their major project, HearPlay, designing game mechanics and maintaining game balance. Second, I helped brainstorm, design, and prototype future games and features. Music Social is still working on their debut game, Hearplay.


High Warlord

project management | game design | client-side development | marketing

August 2014 - November 2014

Play as planet Earth defending itself against waves of alien invaders, and do it with just one hand! Humans have created a massive exoskeleton around Earth, and they're taking on an unprecedented threat, one massive, scientific cannon at a time.

Exoterra is the debut project by Yes And Games, and my first attempt at a mobile-first game. The objective was to design for hook-based curb appeal, and we nailed an awesome, unique twist on a classic mechanic. We learned a lot about iteration, teamwork, and game design working on this project.

About Me

Amateur Sqwad

Hey there, I'm Weslo.

I've been making games since 2005. I'm a versatile game designer, client-side programmer, and producer. My degree is a B.S. in Game Design and Development from RIT.

If you're looking for an organized, determined, and experienced human being to work on a game, you've found one.

  • Fun-driven game design, from concepts to milestones
  • Client-side development, expert in Unity3D, C#, C++, Javascript, Git
  • Efficient agile-based production and management
  • Working with product owners, familiar with business and marketing
  • Open-minded fast learner

I read physics books for fun. I'm also an experienced guitarist, improviser, and outdoorsman. My favorite bands are CHON, Colour, and Closure in Moscow. I lift weights, hike and camp, and play tabletop games. I have strong opinions about video games, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown, World of Warcraft, and Darkest Dungeon are among my top-ten, but currently I'm playing Rocket League, Pokemon Sun, and Path of Exile. Talk to me about Critical Role.